Technical Panel Co-ordinator
Janice Gooch
IHBC Technical Panel

The technical panel consists of IHBC members with an interest in technical matters relating to the conservation of historic buildings. These interests cover both traditional materials and techniques and new technologies.

Most panel members have a specialist technical background or a strong interest in technical matters. The panel communicates via e-mail and meets four times a year in different locations.

If you think you could contribute to the technical panel we would be happy to hear from you. Please contact Julian Bagg at for more information.

The role of the Technical Panel

  1. To serve the needs of the membership of the IHBC and to complement the role of national amenity bodies
  2. To help promote good technical understanding of building conservation by identifying the need for education training advice notes and publications and by acting to meet those needs
  3. To be consulted on draft technical literature produced by others and to review recently published technical literature
  4. To be consulted on proposed changes to building regulations and other legislation
  5. To consider and assess new products or techniques in the field of building conservation
  6. To be aware of existing sources of information and to direct enquiries from the membership to the relevant expert, organisation or publication
  7. To liaise on such matters with organisations involved in building conservation
  8. To liaise with the Editorial Board on the production of publications